"I am responsible for all International orders and shipping for Fenwal International Inc. Dacor blood donor chairs are very popular with all our customers abroad. They like the comfort, quality and durability of the Dacor product and will even claim its better than anything they can get in their own country. Along with superior customer service, we couldn't be happier to be able to rep their product abroad!"
Craig Leibnitz, Fenwal International Inc., Chicago, IL


"We've been using Dacor blood donor chairs for over 30 years and I have experienced them for myself when I worked in the field. Indestructible."
Debbie Caffrey, American Red Cross National Office in Washington D.C.


"Our customers only want Dacor blood donor chairs from America because of the comfort, quality, and many years of service"
Adrian Ian Burcea, Sapaco in Bucharest, Romania


"Dacor manufactures a great product! They are the only blood donor chair we'll use. If anyone asks you about our chairs, we always recommend Dacor to them"
Renee Hagaman, The Nebraska Blood Bank


"Dacor blood donor chairs have withstood the test of time, the comfort and durability is more than what we expected!"
Susan Angel, UC Irvine Medical Center


"Dacor has manufactured over 150 Blood Donor Chairs for Heartland Blood Centers in the last 25 years, and to this day we still have all of our chairs in service. It's remarkable, they are by far the most dependable pieces of equipment we've ever purchased for our centers."
Thomas F. Fields, Facilities Management Supervisor, Heartland Blood Centers, Aurora IL


"I want to thank Dacor Mfg. for the wonderful donor chair we received earlier today. The chair is beautiful and the color looks great in our donor room. Your company is a pleasure to work with. Good company service, which is hard to find today, is very important to me. We plan on ordering another duplicate chair to add to our growing business within the next six months."
James Kujawa, Chairman of the Board, Med Stem LLC.


"These chairs are durable and extremely well built, as verified by the fact that during the last 6 years they have been occupied by approximately 60,000 marines and sailors, countless hours of cleaning with industrial strength cleaners, and hospital grade disinfectants. They just recently have to be re-upholstered, and that wasn't due to wear and tear, but due to the oils we have in our hair degrading the material. The upholstery shop told me that it had been several years since they had the opportunity to work on furniture with this quality of material and workmanship. Keep up the good work. Your reputation for making good furniture has certainly not gone unnoticed. Thank you again!"
BZ R/ Vic Murdy, Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital